The Good Story

Good Coffee is all about providing YOU with life-changing coffee from our friends in unexpected places in need of a little 'Good'.
Our company was born out of a deep desire to impact the lives of people. We dreamt of finding a meaningful way to connect people like you with communities in need around the world in a way that leads to hope, transformation, and deep relationships - all through delicious coffee.

Good Coffee lives at the intersection of quality, relationship, and impact. We've set out to cultivate mutually transformative relationships through coffee. So to do that, we source some of the best coffee on the globe from farmers we know. We roast the coffee in Canada, fresh every week, and get it into your hands so that you can drink delicious life-changing coffee. From there we reinvest 25% of our profits into the coffee growing communities through innovative projects.

How it works:

At Good Coffee we work with amazing farmers in the best, and most unexpected, coffee-growing regions of the world to source exceptional beans. These beans smell good, they taste good, but most of all they do good. Our coffee makes its way from farmers we know by name to the hands of coffee lovers who want to make a difference.

We connect coffee growers with coffee drinkers in a way that impacts both, by paying farmers 20-35% ABOVE fair-trade wages so they can feed their families and get access to clean water, and by giving coffee drinkers the opportunity to be a part of changing lives by choosing Good Coffee.

So... we're inviting YOU to join Good Coffee on its mission to become the most impactful coffee company on the planet!

By drinking Good Coffee, you're fueling meaningful change in the lives of coffee farmers and their communities. You're making a difference every time you take a sip.